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Tiger Mysticism EP

by On Twelve Systems

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Forcefed trust as its siphoned through this. Castouts and runaways theyll never meet; living through cookiecutter, calculated, cacaphony. Clouds exploding to firmaments end. The sky is a graveyard; it spits the remnants of oceans and acid to the mouths of spinning children. To the dry tart sound of a million street Urchins twin turbine truths press so firmly they make my eyes bleed is it worth it ? I gagged and remember the way we choked on the bit; it released us. And I try to hold myself up as my body shakes to pieces from the footsteps coming my way. Will we die out or will we triumph? Don't peer back holding regret; you made your bed now you lay in it. Ive been on horizons staring down ships mid-voyage ghost vessels hoping to drag me along through nowhere passion in hands and my face-filled grasp. Please take more than my eyes; please take more than these eyes with you. Our grandfathers mouths caught with dust saying: "I will be young and this will be yours" "I will be gone and you shall sing chorus.
What I feel are only burdens weighed over my head. I don't remember the past. Shallow forsights of what's to come and I know it won't last now this tide is receding. You stab in and pull out, your eyes are brimmed with murder. The pools of lust in our eyes keep me floating on serpentine clouds. That morning we buried idols to horror. We childish thoughts. We've lost our function. Chasing thieves in their armor down sidewalks clashed with violence. Professions flushed from my grip without a fight. And for what? For this? Up and cut, stay abrupt, lay thick inside of this I stay silent and stalk your hours. Hold back your voice. Underwater with nothing but time to kill. Hold back your voice. Though I am quiet. Why do we always kill perfection? Look past the mirror its not just you on the other side. I will go and change stay here and stay the same. This echo is a longshot and I hope that it reaches you loud and clear. I can feel this all around me. Can you feel this all around us? Its draining siphoned hope and its leading back to the way we were. Hardened rain and our broken bones with changing suns and our silent prayers; its all lasting for what? No matter tell me that you won't let go. We wait, perched on our false ideals, our breasted pride and our ignorance. Like the children we wish we still were. Its a marvel when silent eyes speak the tell tale truth in a shadowed faith. Your eyes they tell me I'm everything that you could never be. You broke me down.
I fell asleep breathing in ease and close attention. As I listened to the words passed on by deadmen (Nothing worth to mention). They just caught the sirens. All I' left with is a chance of becoming a worthless original. Just to wake up choking on these things I would never care about. Now I'm screaming.With murder on my lips. Carry the lifeless message violent on their breathe. Answers to a question long gone. Are we alive to overcome or to survive. Its hard to say what they mean; is always made of dust; they always fall apart, they always take from us. We've learned from souless excerpts marching in stride to the rythm of falling bombs. Mark your words before you speak through the silence thats golden. Ill keep this inside me just know that I'll be waiting to make this a fortune to absolve. We'll make this a fortune to absolve. These walls are settling into their own sense of a home and i can hear it; its like their breathing. They're reciting my actions, accidents. Was it living? Was it breathing? It just seems we carry on and on and on. This was never living. It was never breathing. This was just something that we carried on for days. So tell me, do you still think that silence is golden? We fall hand in hand. Eyes tied together to die or rise. I'm not letting go, just to choke on these words that took me forever to say. Just hopeless and full of sin, and I've never felt better. But its this glory I'll never know, and the dust will just turn to stone. We havent spent enough time under the sun to stand and say goodbye. We find the means impressionable; remove the soul so the skin and bones remain. So im hopeless and full of sin and im drowning in this town again. We're dealing with flesh and blood and its only a matter of time. While im holding my head its just building inside. Our rights, our passings, are failing under this hollow sky.
My eyes at this time seem so vague and green, unlike the sky before battling night falls. Yet changing sporadically at times, fleeting and specific disloyal I am always looking away or again at something after it has given me up. In the shape of resentment...in the form of regret this shattered life has yet to come to a halt. What a strange way to say I'm sorry, words that lack honesty hold the significance of a lifeless corpse. Dead weight sure to plague all of our walking space. People tearing pages out of their books filled with memories and past events praying they never occur. Running off into shadows only to wander, until sunsets seem to fall upon what once were our eyes. People do nothing but imitate names. Indulge me. Let me take the reigns. Let me see what it feels like to know it all. Though I feel we're alone I cascade and unfold in these hands that I've made. I can't see past our reasons, aft of observation it stains what we've sewn. I study Deceit in the texture of your mouth in waiting (so worth what...). We're changing our thoughts to these actions derived so worth what are we now? I'm floating away, I'm drowning. Unlike the sky before battling night falls. Let's ride this night into mourning. Let's allow the blood to fill the palms of our hands (We've lost our way). The only lies laying behind my teeth consist of false hopes which seem so real. At times I'm sick of lying beneath my own skin theres no content reflected back from these mirrors only visions of what I've built coming undone. Rivers of promises made up of insignificance. Me floating as a man, my face drowning as a son. Love brings me burdens, nothing but weight over my head. Now, I can't remember the past. Such a shallow foresight of what's to come. Heed the warning. Ignore the truth and pay for lies. Stay where you are, though this isn't off far from whats wrong. Here I am. I know we bereave what is said in our dreams, I unfold as a man. I'm feeling today, the words said in the rain. It goes: "What's wrong? All of this weight will just pass" Weigh the unknown decide for your own. Stay Absolved. Wake the day. Arm Yourselves. Wage and pray. Your harrowed bones are almost mine. Expose what Is seldom shown (these days stretch on too long). In all that's said and know I don't deserve your stones These days stretch out too long. I do not feel myself in boundaries set in stone I clear my head and breathe for what is the life of me. I'll explain when we leave. Prepare to be consumed, dark sheets in darkened rooms. Expose your fears and say "What's left for me to save?". Expose your harrowed bones most breath is seldom shown in all that's said and known I Don't deserve your stones. Rendered unconscious by your bullshit i save face and stand tall. Revered by silence I save face and save it all. Pardon memories. If you feel lost its because you are.


released September 13, 2012

All Songs Written and Recorded by On Twelve Systems
Michael Costello, Gerrard Scali, Matthew Zambito - Vocalists
Stephen Afansano, Phillip DiMarco - Guitars
Alexander Gollinge - Guitar, Piano/////Synth
Ross Kofflert - Bass, Backing Vocals, Egg Shaker///\\
Michael Horn - Drums


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On Twelve Systems New York, New York

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